quarta-feira, 8 de julho de 2015

Sigrid Keunen (Belgium) - CRINKLES & CRACKLES

Sigrid Keunen estará em residência cerca de 2 semanas a desenvolver o seu projecto Crinkles & Crackles.
Esta artista de nacionalidade belga cruza no seu trajecto a música, o teatro, a performance, a composição.

"As a musician, performer, actress & composer, my performance work is hybrid in nature through its dialectics, crossovers and synergies with the fine arts.
During my training as a classical viola player, I took several master classes in Belgium, Swiss and France and I graduated in Antwerp (Belgium) in 1999. I chose to be a freelancer, in order to expand my search for artistic expression, outside the various conventional chamber and symphonies orchestras in which I have worked over the last ten years. Currently I work as a freelance viola player for the Orchestra Philharmonique de Liège (Belgium) and also as a freelance guide in De Munt/La Monnaie (opera theatre in Brussels).

‘Cicerone (guide) of the inner fantasy’ is the title of my current research period (2014-15) and a trajectory that mainly investigates the exploration of an ‘impulse’ within the inner fantasy. (VGC Grant -City of Brussels-)
My Art Education Program is an extension of my working method and this has led me to design two components: SIGI'S BOAT and ‘SHIP OF CREATIVITY’.

I look very much forward to evolve my work-in-progress CRINKLES & CRACKLES  during the residency in ARTERRA.

More info about my artistic language on