sábado, 28 de janeiro de 2017

Jamie Rodriguez - The Palette of Lobao da Beira

This artist will be in ARTErra for 5 weeks.
The work develop in here it will be connected with the impressions on site.

"My installations are inspired by historical, political atrocities and social oppression and injustice involving the landscape/cityscape; boundaries and barriers that are created and continue to exist within the landscape. I am fascinated by both the duality of natural beauty and the dark hidden mysterious, sacred content that is sometimes lurking within a particular landscape and its history and people. The agenda of my artwork is that I believe that art should be used as a reminder and device to educate and draw awareness to topics, events and social issues that have shaped our societies and psyche. Through my personal experiences of location, memory and displacement, I have become sensitive to the evil realities of what human beings are capable of doing to one another and I believe that these acts and events can not be forgotten or ever repeated.
My work is about taking the traditional landscape/cityscape painting depiction and juxtaposing it with three dimensional sculpture elements. The painting itself is the nucleus and centerpiece for the installation in which everything is built around.Aesthetically I what to challenge the role that traditional landscape/cityscape paintings has played in art history by attempting to put the painting outside of it’s comfort zone within a gallery setting and it’s predictability. I aim to within the space of a gallery attempt to abuse my power as the artist to deny you as the viewer the freedom to access my paintings by using the boundary as a sort of obstacle that can not be breached.
I believe because of this, it forces one into questioning the physical and psychological role that boundaries play within our landscape/cityscapes and psyche. A boundary generally separates two regions while linking them at the same time. It does not become impermeable until human surveillance fashions a final barrier, a blockage that turns any approach into or outside of the boundary into a lethal risk. This results in the fact that any closed boundary line is indispensable for the delimitation of absolute power. Therefore my boundary places a limitation on how you interact with the painting itself and the installation interacts within the culture of a space.
My purpose and intent of my landscape/cityscape paintings is that paintings were used at one point in history to tell stories to those people who were not literate and paintings still can act as a universal form of communication and information. When I create a painting of a specific place, as an artist I am describing the history of those who live there by gradually documenting it. In viewing my work familiar imagery and images, can bridge communication gaps regardless of what language they speak. I recreate places that are visually striking, yet common, I give my viewer a surprising sense of having been there and leave no excuse to believe to think we are all to different."


segunda-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2017

Ariel Cotton- interdisciplinary artist and designer.

This NY  based  artist will stay in residency for 3 weeks to develop many aspects of the work.
To know more, please check this website:

Porquê,o quê, para quê, a quem, como , onde. Why,What,for,whom,how,where?


Este espaço de criação e formação artística surge de uma necessidade de encontrar espaços físicos onde os artistas se possam encontrar e reflectir sobre os processos criativos, e desenvolvê-los de uma forma intensiva e focada.
O ARTErra é uma iniciativa privada.
Numa lógica de laboratório, o artista encontra no Arterra uma casa com uma serie de comodidades, um quintal de criação, onde existem espaços vários para a criação e desenvolvimento de um trabalho artístico, e a possibilidade de apresentação do projecto desenvolvido ao público.

This space for creativity and artistic training comes from a need for physical spaces where artists can meet and reflect on the creative processes, and develop them in an intensive and focused way.
The ARTERRA is a private initiative.
The artist finds in ARTERRA a house with a series of facilities,and a creation of a yard, where there are several spaces for the creation and development of an artistic work, and the possibility of introduction of the developed to the public.

2. O QUÊ? What?

Neste espaço procuraremos facultar aos artistas e aos projectos todas as condições para o desenvolvimento do processo criativo.
O Arterra tem condições físicas e técnicas para proporcionar a realização de diversos focos de trabalho artístico, desde concepção de exposições, criação teatral, atelier e workshops, formação...

In this space we will seek to provide artists and projects all the conditions for the development of the creative process.
The ARTERRA has physical and technical conditions to be realized by several outbreaks of artwork, from design exhibitions, theatrical creation, studio and workshops, training...

3. PARA QUÊ? What for?

Para que a criação em comunhão com a natureza seja uma realidade, para fomentar uma dinâmica de grupo estrita, para trabalhar em residência num ambiente rural.
Diversificar e descentralizar a oferta cultural.
Desenvolver acções e formações que contribuam para a qualificação dos profissionais do sector artístico.

For the creation in communion with nature is a reality, to foster a dynamic group strictly for work in residence in a rural environment.
Diversify and decentralize the cultural offer.
Develop training activities and contributing to the qualifications for the arts.

4. A QUEM? To whom?

Este espaço destina-se a profissionais das diferentes áreas artísticas, entidades ou criadores independentes, portugueses e estrangeiros.
Pode também excepcionalmente receber projectos de formação para público em geral e para crianças

This space is intended for professionals from different artistic areas, groups or independent creators, Portuguese and aliens.
You can also receive exceptional training projects for the general public and for children


Para a candidatura deverão constar os seguintes elementos:

- C.V. do artista

- Portfolio, vídeos, imagens…

- Descrição do projecto a desenvolver no ARTErra, onde constem os objectivos do projecto, necessidades e expectativas da residência e todos os pormenores necessários á compreensão da proposta.

- Datas e Duração da residência pretendidos (minimo 2 dias,máximo 6 meses)

- Detalhes (necessidade de refeições, especificidades do trabalho, nº de pessoas, informações suplementares relevantes ao processo de trabalho)

The application must contain the following elements:

- C.V. artist
- Portfolio, videos, photos ...
- Description of the project to be undertaken ARTERRA out, including the project's objectives, needs and expectations of residence and all the details necessary to understanding the proposal.
- Dates and Duration of residence
- Details (need for meals, work characteristics, number of persons, additional information relevant to the work process)

6. ONDE? Where?

Esta estrutura situa-se numa aldeia no concelho de Tondela, distrito de Viseu. (PORTUGAL)

R.Nossa Srª. do Crasto,Nº380
Lobão da Beira



Está a 2h30 de carro de Lisboa, 1h do Porto e Aveiro, 45m de Coimbra e 15m de Viseu.

Latitude: 40°31'15.86"NLongitude: 8° 1'57.64"W