quinta-feira, 24 de Julho de 2014

Collective work group "Souls in Motion" based on Dubai

Souls in Motion collective will develop  work during the 2 weeks stay in our residency.

"Theatre is ritual. We aim to build a poetic ritual comprised of 4 to 8 explorations of music, poetry, movement, language, art and rhythm. These explorations will be inspired by our collective and individual experiences as young adults of the “third culture”—born, raised, and living in countless cities across the world. Influenced by globalization, as well as tradition, we are souls in motion. We aim to highlight the resilience of the human spirit and speak straight to the soul. "

Dana Dajani
Dana Dajani is an award-winning Palestinian actor and writer based in Dubai where she quickly gained recognition for her performances in Arabic and English. On stage, Dana wrote and starred in Kalubela, winner of Time Out Dubai’s award for Best Theatrical Performance of 2012. Her short films have been in film festivals across the Middle East, garnering awards such as Best Actress in Tropfest 2011 and Best Film at the Arab Film Studio Competition 2013. Later that same year, Dana was one of only two international artists invited to Australia to develop and perform a new work at the Sydney Opera House.  

Additionally, Dana is a published author and poet and can often be spotted performing her spoken-word poetry in a musical collaboration called Floetics. A freestyle riff on rhythm and rhyme, Floetics have performed at many premier music venues and festivals in Dubai. Independently, Dana has recently collaborated with Dubai-based cellist and producer, Aaron Kim, to create an EP which fuses electronic sounds and poetry.

Tim Hassall
Tim Hassall is an internationally established performer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Dubai. Drawing on a diverse range of influences, Hassall's eclectic musical taste inspires his unique 'pop/rock with soul' style.
His second full-length album 'Gallatin' reached number 9 on the Virgin UAE Charts (Feb 2014), gaining rave reviews from fans and critics alike. Described as "a real wordsmith" by Grammy award winner Doug Sax, his music has featured in major motion pictures; City Of Life (UAE), international music festivals; Secret Garden Party (UK), Blended (UAE), Unspangled (GER) and has twice earned him a TimeOut Dubai Nightlife award.

Katy Hassal
A recent graduate from Glasgow School of Art and winner of the RSA New Contemporaries Award.Katy Hassall was born in New Zealand, grew up in Dubai and studied in Glasgow. She has moved around the world all her life and continues to be inspired and make connections with the places she has been.

 Her work features performances involving the engagement of the senses manifested through the bodily awareness of space, sound, and the search for self in relation to the world. She is interested in the physical impact of sound and its ability to bring people together. The energy of sound through the body allows which allows us to remember, heal and experience space in a new way. 

Our existence is based upon experiences that force us to repair and grow. Katy Hassall´s work features performances celebrating and communicating this sense of time, craft, and the universality of human experience.

Layla K
Having grown up between Sydney, Australia and Dubai, UAE, Layla was exposed to all genres of music, and started to develop great appreciation for world music at a very young age, with her major influence being jazz and soul.
Her experience spans from musical theatre and television, to collaborative projects, performing with local rappers and singers in Australia, and writing lyrics and melodies for their tracks.
At 18 she began to focus on poetry and a fusion of traditional middle-eastern music and jazz, which saw her work with some great names in the Arab world. Today she continues her music ambitions with writing and performing original acoustic music with an Arabic flavour, as well as performing jazz standards at live music venues in Dubai.

quarta-feira, 18 de Junho de 2014

Noe Kidder (filmaker)3rd time with us!

Noe Kidder estará no ARTErra pela terceira vez até ao final de Junho.
Anteriormente esta realizadora filmou KU´UIPO nesta região com os actores Gui Garrido (Portugal) e Marianna Vogt (Inglaterra).
A apresentação deste filme terá lugar no próximo dia 27 (sexta feira) pelas 21h30, na Casa dos Vidros, em Lobão da Beira, no Largo Candido Figueiredo. Convite aberto a todos!
Durante esta residência Noe irá estar a trabalhar o som da sua nova curta A PARADISE OF CHILDREN, já em fase de pós produção. Este trabalho explora a relação amorosa entre  aluno e  professor, e utiliza uma serie de tecnicas do cinema documental e com traços semelhantes a outros trabalhos desta artista.
Para ver alguns dos seus trabalhos por favor visite a página:

Noe Kidder will visit ARTErra for the third time this June! Previously, Noe made the film KU'UIPO in the area with performers Gui Garrido and Marianna Vogt. She will be screening this film for the public during her stay. Noe will also be working on the soundtrack to her new short film, A PARADISE OF CHILDREN, which has already been shot (see production still). This film explores the love between teacher and student, and employs several of the techniques of experimental documentary and personal cinema that can be found in Kidder's other films. To watch some of her films online please visit

domingo, 15 de Junho de 2014

Sarah Kaiser Amaral painting in ARTErra

Sarah Kaiser Amaral, chega-nos de Chicago para trabalhar em residência no ARTErra cerca de duas semanas.
Esta artista trabalhará a figura humana (aceitam-se pessoas com disponibilidade para pousar ) e pintará ao ar livre. 

Procura nesta estadia focar-se na nossa paisagem. Utilizará a aguarela, e tentará usufruir da paz e quietude da região, do tempo e espaço para meditar.

During my residency, I will focus on the landscape as well as plants and animals native to the region.  My area of concentration will be on life drawing and watercolor painting. I will enjoy the peace and quiet, as well as the time and space I will have to meditate.

quinta-feira, 12 de Junho de 2014

Marjorie Arnett (USA) - in residency

Esta americana estará cerca de 2 semanas no ARTErra.
Aproveitará esta experiência e estadia para desenvolver novas técnicas e utilizar materiais diferentes dos que utiliza normalmente. A possibilidade de diálogo com outros artistas também é um beneficio,

Marjorie Arnett
Visual Artist
Artist statement and Work Project

After years of working in solitude within my panting studio, I find my work has reached a critical juncture where it is essential to seek feedback from my peers while the work undergoes a fundamental shift in direction.

Work responsibilities, change of location in the United States after a recent retirement and multiple surgeries have hampered my progress in making a new body of work to document life changing experiences. The left side of my face was removed ten years ago due to cancer then replaced through a process of many operations.  The opportunity for a two week residency within the artist community of ARTErra would give me focused time to create new work. It would also offer a community of  artists to share dialogue about emerging work among the artist-in-residence.  

I often paint on large stretched canvases with the medium of oil paint and I am interested in multiple levels of subject interpretation. My proposal for the ARTErra-Residency is to begin new works on paper using both acrylic paint and graphite sticks. As this new work emerges, I ask how one’s identity is formed through cultural standards of physical beauty and malformations. I plan to explore layer upon layer of paint and graphite on smaller paper formats and this will be an entirely new direction for me in my painting.  I want to work with acrylic paints; thinning, pouring, pushing, and possibly sanding surfaces until they speak of both the consequences of change in physical beauty and of consequences in malformation. The process of adding and subtracting on paper will mirror life experiences.  

I am very focused in my work and I feel that within a two week residency with you, I will be able to produce a body of work totally new to my portfolio both in technique and in subject matter.

quinta-feira, 15 de Maio de 2014

Convite para a exposição de Sue Palmisano - Mercado Velho de 13 a 26 de Junho

Susan Palmisano vive e trabalha em Pittsburgh, Pensilvânia. Os seus quadros foram exibidos em mais de 60 exposições nos  EUA(incluindo os de Nova York, Califórnia) e Europa, , Espanha, Croácia e Polônia. Ela é professora na Indiana University of Pennsylvania, onde ensina pintura e coordena  pós-graduações em Arte. Ela possui um mestrado pela Universidade de Cincinnati.
"Através de meus quadros, eu questiono o que significa ser humano na cultura de hoje, e como a nossa identidade humana se transforma num fluxo interminável de experiências sempre em mutação.Estando no  ARTErra, eu pretendo olhar para a paisagem e arquitetura local para inspirar novas imagens como uma metáfora para o colapso do tempo, a certeza da mudança, interconectividade e sincronicidade. Eu procuro expressar a nossa humanidade como parte integrante de um universo em expansão, em vez do seu centro."

Estará em residência de 8 a 29 de Junho. 

 Susan Palmisano lives and works in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her paintings have been shown in over 60 exhibitions throughout the USA and Europe including those in New York, California, Spain, Croatia, and Poland. She is a Professor at Indiana University of Pennsylvania where she teaches painting and coordinates their graduate programs in Art. She holds a MFA from the University of Cincinnati and a BFA from the University of Dayton. 

            “Through my paintings, I question what it means to be human in today’s culture, and how our human identity transforms in an endless stream of ever-shifting experience. While at ARTerra, I plan to look to the local landscape and architecture to inspire new imagery as a metaphor for the collapsing of time, the certainty of change, interconnectedness and synchronicity. I seek to express our humanity as an integrated part of an expanding universe, rather than at its center.”


Porquê,o quê, para quê, a quem, como , onde. Why,What,for,whom,how,where?


Este espaço de criação e formação artística surge de uma necessidade de encontrar espaços físicos onde os artistas se possam encontrar e reflectir sobre os processos criativos, e desenvolvê-los de uma forma intensiva e focada.
O ARTErra é uma iniciativa privada.
Numa lógica de laboratório, o artista encontra no Arterra uma casa com uma serie de comodidades, um quintal de criação, onde existem espaços vários para a criação e desenvolvimento de um trabalho artístico, e a possibilidade de apresentação do projecto desenvolvido ao público.

This space for creativity and artistic training comes from a need for physical spaces where artists can meet and reflect on the creative processes, and develop them in an intensive and focused way.
The ARTERRA is a private initiative.
The artist finds in ARTERRA a house with a series of facilities,and a creation of a yard, where there are several spaces for the creation and development of an artistic work, and the possibility of introduction of the developed to the public.

2. O QUÊ? What?

Neste espaço procuraremos facultar aos artistas e aos projectos todas as condições para o desenvolvimento do processo criativo.
O Arterra tem condições físicas e técnicas para proporcionar a realização de diversos focos de trabalho artístico, desde concepção de exposições, criação teatral, atelier e workshops, formação...

In this space we will seek to provide artists and projects all the conditions for the development of the creative process.
The ARTERRA has physical and technical conditions to be realized by several outbreaks of artwork, from design exhibitions, theatrical creation, studio and workshops, training...

3. PARA QUÊ? What for?

Para que a criação em comunhão com a natureza seja uma realidade, para fomentar uma dinâmica de grupo estrita, para trabalhar em residência num ambiente rural.
Diversificar e descentralizar a oferta cultural.
Desenvolver acções e formações que contribuam para a qualificação dos profissionais do sector artístico.

For the creation in communion with nature is a reality, to foster a dynamic group strictly for work in residence in a rural environment.
Diversify and decentralize the cultural offer.
Develop training activities and contributing to the qualifications for the arts.

4. A QUEM? To whom?

Este espaço destina-se a profissionais das diferentes áreas artísticas, entidades ou criadores independentes, portugueses e estrangeiros.
Pode também excepcionalmente receber projectos de formação para público em geral e para crianças

This space is intended for professionals from different artistic areas, groups or independent creators, Portuguese and aliens.
You can also receive exceptional training projects for the general public and for children


Para a candidatura deverão constar os seguintes elementos:

- C.V. do artista

- Portfolio, vídeos, imagens…

- Descrição do projecto a desenvolver no ARTErra, onde constem os objectivos do projecto, necessidades e expectativas da residência e todos os pormenores necessários á compreensão da proposta.

- Datas e Duração da residência pretendidos (minimo 2 dias,máximo 6 meses)

- Detalhes (necessidade de refeições, especificidades do trabalho, nº de pessoas, informações suplementares relevantes ao processo de trabalho)

The application must contain the following elements:

- C.V. artist
- Portfolio, videos, photos ...
- Description of the project to be undertaken ARTERRA out, including the project's objectives, needs and expectations of residence and all the details necessary to understanding the proposal.
- Dates and Duration of residence
- Details (need for meals, work characteristics, number of persons, additional information relevant to the work process)

6. ONDE? Where?

Esta estrutura situa-se numa aldeia no concelho de Tondela, distrito de Viseu. (PORTUGAL)

R.Nossa Srª. do Crasto,Nº380
Lobão da Beira



Está a 2h30 de carro de Lisboa, 1h do Porto e Aveiro, 45m de Coimbra e 15m de Viseu.

Latitude: 40°31'15.86"NLongitude: 8° 1'57.64"W